07 August 2008

Nothing here

There's nothing on this site, because it's all here.

12 April 2008

"Saddam good, or Saddam bad?"

I wrote about my first trip to Iraq in 02138. Here's more on it.

Careful-what-you-wish-for department

My story about Paraguay's Mennonites, here.

19 March 2008

Nueva Germania

The Walrus includes this piece on the status of Nueva Germania, the Nietzschean colony in Paraguay.

18 March 2008

Media appearances

My Atlantic piece about the future of Havana attracted the attention of radio shows, including these, on which I've appeared in the last month:
  • WHBC
  • WSRQ
  • KOA
  • WMIJ
  • WLIU
  • KWRE

No relation

The San Francisco Chronicle's Saturday edition has my review of Gordon S. Wood's latest collection of essays.

25 February 2008

GOOD piece

Mentioned here, now posted here. Do my teeth really look like that? Smaller in real life, I think, but also yellower.